Building your own cabin

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LOG CABIN Have you ever considered building your own cabin?

It is actually surprisingly simple when compared to making a normal home. When you make a home in a city or suburb you have to follow certain codes and design rules.

When building your dream home in the mountains you have so many other options and can design it to your desire. What is not to like about that?

The cabins I like have a cellar of some kind. Doesn’t have to be the entire cabin floor but you want to have some place for storage. There is always a need for extra storage and when you are building a cabin and want to be a minimalist then you won’t have a place to store much.

These cellars are great as well in keeping food fresh because the temperature is always cooler in the ground in the mountains as opposed to ground level homes.

I use mine to keep food and sealed boxes of clothing and emergency supplies. It is has nice flip door in the floor too which I think it pretty neat.

Then from there you can elevate the flooring on your cabin with a nice rock formation. I love mt cabin where you see the wood floor joist right on top of the stone wall around the home. It really creates a nice look and a sense of strength for years to come.

The rest is really how you want to set it up. My floor plan is more open with a bar at the kitchen. The only door is to the bedroom and bathroom. It is just a one bedroom cabin but obviously you can have as many as you want per your design.

I have a nice porch on the front from end to end and a smaller walk down porch on the back. All wood with wood railings. I have some rocking chairs and benches. We even have a sealed bin for blankets for those cold evenings.

Of course you need a fireplace for those roaring fires and a chimney. I made my chimney with the same stones from the base wall of the cabin for that clean uninterrupted look.

Building a roof on your cabin is the interesting part. I wasn’t sure how I wanted mine to look. I eventually opted for the metal roof because of the quick water release and durability. My uncle over at gave me this advice and I am really glad I did it. Plus I was able to do it in a hunter green so it blends in really good with the surrounding foilage.

I have seen others use a thatch style roof with straw or corn husk composite. In all actuality though it is just for looks as underneath it still has a roof. Some use concrete roofing which is an awesome insulator as well. You would have to change how you did the joist and support below the roof to handle the weight.

As you can see building s cabin is not really hard and with a little creativity and designing you can have your dream home in the mountains.

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