Just Imagine

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Just Imagine for a moment.

You all alone or maybe with your favorite person but no one is speaking.

The air is filled with pine and fresh dew. There is also a hint of rotting wood but not in a way that is offensive to you.

You can hear off in the distance running water. You can even feel the force in the air, slight tremors at your feet.

As you look around you can see sunlight peeking through the tree ceiling much like a spotlight would to highlight a opera singer. it is saying, “Look here, this is important”.

In the shadows of the light you can see birds flying from limb to limb singing their morning songs.

During all this you are sitting on your gigantic porch swing sipping your fresh ground coffee from Starbucks. You aren’t swinging for fear that you will disturb the tranquility that surrounds you.

You are content. At peace. You are living the dream.

I wonder if it would matter how nice or modern your cabin is? With so much nature to take in you would think your cabin needs just the basic amenities.

I am not so convinced. I think your dwelling should be amazing inside and out. It should have all the cool things you would want for a modern home.

It should be self sustaining though. Candles, lanterns and a fireplace should be all you need. Thermal energy from the ground would be awesome too. An off the grid experience is addictive because of how freeing it is.

Your sleeping quarters should also be comfortable. How would you enjoy yourself when you can’t get a good night’s sleep?

My wife and I love a big king size bed. We keep it covered with some soft blankets and a good supply of pillows. We also have a TV that can play movies. We can cuddle up and watch a good flick before going off to sleep. WE like being one with nature but let’s not get carried away.

Just imagine……