Welcome To Colorado Mountain Dreams

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Hello and relax. Up in the mountains there is sense of urgency. There is only nature and what you need to survive. Food, water and warmth are the essential ingredients to thriving in the mountains.

Here at Colorado Mountain Dreams we hope to impart in you in some way a love for the outdoors and give you a sense of purpose in this world.

In the busy suburbs one can lose their sense of being and calling.

The fresh water and filtered air that the mountains provide is paramount to your health. Years ago I was failing in my health and without much help from the doctors I decided to get out of the city and out into the country.

I discovered my dream of living off the land and getting in touch with nature in a whole new way. I am not healthy again and in no need of medications. (well the occasional advil is needed for those aches from long climbs.

Do you also have a dream of living in the mountains?

Then keep checking back for new updates as I share more on my experiences and time spent learning the mountain life.

That’ll be all for today!

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